Location :

Reservoir, VIC

Client :

Darebin City Council

Year :


Sector :

Acrylic | Netball | Tennis

JC Donath was one of 4 sites identified by the Victorian State Government within Darebin City Council as part of the State Inner-City Councils project to deliver several netball courts to address the short-fall of courts in inner-Melbourne councils. The project was part of the Victorian State governments $9.6m commitment to increase netball facilities for the Melbourne city region.

Having completed the initial feasibility and scoping stage for the project, SPORTENG identified that courts could be constructed adjacent to the Keon Park Tennis Club. The project included the development of three multi-line marked hard courts (netball and tennis) as well as sports lighting, players shelters and improved spectator amenities.


Like many sites to the north of Melbourne, the subgrade consisted of highly reactive clays. To ensure the longevity of the pavement and its ability to maintain the tight construction tolerances the pavement design had to address the reactive nature of the subgrade material.

The location for the proposed courts didn’t have any formal drainage infrastructure. The adjacent oval was grading away from the site with its drainage infrastructure located on the other side of the oval and the adjacent tennis courts were en-tout-cas court which relied on infiltration with limited formalise drainage infrastructure.

During construction works for the courts it was identified that the during a rain event the run-off from the adjacent en-tout-cas courts did infiltrate into the porous pavement and then bled through into the subgrade where the proposed hard courts were to be constructed.


To ensure the pavement met the intended design life and the surface tolerances would be maintained a deep capping layer was included in the pavement design.

Due to the lack of formalised drainage readily available for the hard-courts, swale drains were used to direct the run-off from the hard courts to the downstream drainage infrastructure around the adjacent oval.

To intercept the infiltrated run-off from the permeable en-tout-cas, a slotted subsoil pipe was installed at the interface to prevent water entering into the reactive subgrade layer.


The dual sport facility has addressed the shortcomings of netball courts in the area, and improved the tennis offering for the club. The inclusion of a small toilet/changeroom facility has enabled netball use to occur without the need to access the tennis club's facilities.


Subsequently the completed facility has been heavily utilised by the local community for both sports.