Civil engineer working on a 3D design of a sportsfield on his computer screen

Civil engineering is one of the broadest forms of engineering. Through mathematics and physics, civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally-built environments.

General civil engineering covers many key infrastructures within our society. Some of these include:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Stormwater drainage networks
  • Sewer systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Water supply.

General civil engineering principles underly our approach to designing Fields of Play. Some of these principles include:

  • Developing a detailed understanding of your site through targeted site investigation, such as geotechnical investigation and a level and feature survey.
  • Ensuring suitably prepared subgrade will maintain the required surface level tolerances.
  • Confirming stormwater points of discharge and design internal drainage network to suit these points.
  • Constructing fully confined pavements for applicable fields of play.

Coupled with specialist input, we ensure our designs address the civil engineering fundamentals and the requirements of the sport governing body.

Civil Engineering Process

Close up of a person showing several 3D drawings of sportsfield on a table

We will work with you to determine the unknowns associated with your site and develop investigation briefs to address these unknowns and mitigate risks for your project.

From there, we work out your desired outcomes. This includes the pavement design life to cater for storm events through a robust stormwater network. Our engineers will work through the design process to meet these outcomes and comply with the relevant authority requirements.

Earthworks is a critical component of most general civil engineering projects. By working closely with the project geotechnical engineer, our designers will ascertain the required earthworks design to deliver on the long-term performance requirements while aiming to balance the site earthwork volumes.

Another critical component to any general civil engineering project is ensuring that the surface grades and supporting infrastructure comply with relevant Australian standards. The surface grades dictate surface run-off and ensure vehicle and pedestrian movements are fit-for-purpose and safe for travel.

Civil Engineering Services

Close up of a civil engineer sitting at his desk working on a 3D drawing of a sportsfield on his computer

Most Fields of Play projects have general civil engineering design requirements. Excluding the site earthworks and Field of Play stormwater drainage network, we can design the following specific supporting infrastructure:

  • Carparks and access roads
  • Water sensitive urban design elements
  • Site wide stormwater network
  • Retaining walls
  • Retention basins

Our 3D design of the bulk earthworks is based on our geotechnical investigation reports. This helps separate out the non-engineered fill and determine the cut/fill volumes using or removing the suitable site material and any required imported material.

Access roads and carparks

We will design access roads and carparks to address the design vehicles. This also helps us adhere to the relevant road or local government authority requirements. The access for, and loadings from, buses and service vehicles is often overlooked for Field of Play facilities. Vehicle swept paths ensure that all vehicles can safely and efficiently access the site.

Stormwater drainage

An efficient and effective stormwater network is required to remove the surface water from any trafficable surface. Our 3D designs for the stormwater network will ensure a safe trafficable area through the use of relevant standards, software and the most relevant stormwater products.

We also consider implementing applicable water sensitive urban design initiatives to improve the quality of the stormwater discharge.


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