SPORTENG specialises in the planning, design and construction phases of Fields of Play across all sports in Australia. Our experienced team all contribute towards designing high quality fields of play for all levels of use. 


An athletic track and field facility is one of the most intricate fields to design and construct. The 3D geometry is complex and there are many elements and surface types to consider. No other sport has as many athletes using a single facility in so many ways.


Post-construction, we measure every millimetre of the athletics facility. This allows us to confirm distances, widths, lengths, radii and gradients, ensuring the facility is compliant with World Athleticsrequirements. The overall length of the track cannot be less than 400m or more than 400.04m; that is +40mm/-0mm tolerances, which is extremely tight.

No matter the age of the facility or its purpose, our experienced team know how to adhere to the World Athletics requirements while tailoring the outcome your goals.

Our technical expertise underpins all our projects, and we are regularly called upon to work on projects of high significance.

No matter if you’re a governing body or a local school, you will benefit from a sports field that puts the athlete first. We guarantee that SPORTENG’s designs will meet your needs, while complying with World Athletics standards.

SPORTENG projects run on time and on budget due to our team’s comprehensive 3D design work, exceptional engineering expertise, agronomic and irrigation consultation, along with clear on-site direction.

Our Design Approach

SPORTENG lives and breathes fields of play. We take our love of the game from the grandstand right into our office. We’re proud to be Australia’s leading Field of Play design consultancy.


Our attention to detail is reflected in our mantra, ‘measure twice, cut once’.

We’re dedicated to achieving the best results for your venue and its athletes, whether it’s a local legend or the next international star.

Here at SPORTENG, we cover every aspect of your athletics facility project, from feasibility and condition assessments, right down to construction inspections and maintenance advice.

While World Athletics does provide stringent requirements on the number of individual components within a facility (i.e. number of lanes, jump pits, runways, etc.), SPORTENG’s knowledge on how these are integrated into a design enables a facility to operate seamlessly once constructed.

Our detailed technical specification requires the contractor to complete, and produce for approval, as-built surveys of pavement layers to ensure the final asphalt layer beneath the synthetic surface meets the World Athletics stringent surface tolerances.

Sustainability Practices


Here at SPORTENG, we take a sustainable approach to all our designs. Not happy with just the status quo, we always strive to investigate new designs and construction techniques that deliver positive environmental outcomes.

We believe sustainability is intertwined with sports greatness.

As part of this, we integrate your requirements, from budget to performance values, through to sustainability practices this ensures we achieve a successful result.

When we design an athletics track, our team investigates all options to incorporate recycled construction materials into the design. Whether it’s the use of recycled unbounded granular material in the proposed pavements, or the reuse of site won organic growing medium to develop viewing mounds, we will strive to reduce the amount of new material required for a project. This in turn will help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project.

The SPORTENG team considers the whole-of-life cycle at every stage of design and construction. We make sure that a sustainable end-product starts at the beginning of design.

Athletic Surface Options

Athletics_SurfaceOptions (1)

Our knowledge and experience with different athletic track systems are second-to-none.

After completed designs that cover all the different surface options available to sports facilities we know each surface intimately –from school facilities through to Olympic venues.





To have the best athletics track for your facility, you must look under the surface. A long design life starts with addressing any subgrade deficiencies to your pavement for ongoing compliance with World Athletics requirements.

At SPORTENG, our engineers understand the site and its ability to support the pavement for your athletics track. Strict surface tolerances are required to ensure ongoing compliance, and this can only be achieved through engineered pavement design and subgrade remediation.

Sports field sink or crack when there’s poor engineering involved.

We provide peace of mind thanks to our commitment to engineering integrity from design through to project completion. For you, this means less maintenance and exceptional athletic opportunities.

World Athletics Facility Requirements


Competition Category

The Competition Category outlines the level of competition proposed for the facility, which is based on the maximum number of participants at any one time. We can help you determine the appropriate Competition Category for your facility.

Construction Category

Based on the selected Competition Category, we can work out the layout of your facility based on the World Athletics Construction Categories. These outline the minimum composition of the facility, such as the number of lanes.

Level of Certification

There are two levels of certification for outdoor facilities per the World Athletics requirements –Class 1 and 2. Class 1 certification requires in-situ testing of the installed synthetic surface, while Class 2 certification requires confirmation that the installed system holds a valid Product Certificate. Both require a detailed measurement report.


World Athletics has the most stringent tolerances of all the sport governing bodies. With races and throw events won and lost by millimetres, the design and subsequent construction of the facility must comply with all requirements. Through our detailed design and documentation, we can ensure your facility complies with World Athletics protocols.