SPORTENG specialises in the planning, design and construction phase consulting services of Fields of Play across all sports in Australia. Our experienced team all contribute towards designing high-quality Fields of Play for all levels of use.


Whether it’s the design of a BMX track or external velodrome, the team at SPORTENG can assist with producing the construction documentation.


When creating a track for cycling, in particular BMX and mountain biking, we work with specialists in this field who are often cyclers-turned-designers. We collaborate with these designers closely to turn their designs into tender packages that can be readily constructed from.

Our technical expertise underpins all our projects, and we are regularly called upon to work on projects of high significance.

No matter if you’re a governing body or a local school, you will benefit from a sports field that puts the athlete first.

We guarantee that SPORTENG’s designs will meet your needs, while complying with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) standards.

SPORTENG projects run on time and on budget due to our team’s comprehensive 3D design work, exceptional engineering expertise, agronomic and irrigation consultation, along with clear on-site direction.

Our Design Approach

SPORTENG lives and breathes fields of play. We take our love of the game from the grandstand right into our office. We’re proud to be Australia’s leading Field of Play design consultancy.

BMX circuits in park

Our attention to detail is reflected in our mantra, ‘measure twice, cut once’.

We’re dedicated to achieving the best results for your venue and its athletes, whether it’s a local legend or the next international star.

When we design a cycling facility, it’s important that we have a thorough understanding of the competition level. We work with you and any specialist designers to ensure your facility is designed for all levels of use.

Sustainability Practices

Here at SPORTENG, we take a sustainable approach to all our designs. Not happy with just the status quo, we always strive to investigate new designs and construction techniques that deliver positive environmental outcomes.

We believe sustainability is intertwined with sports greatness.

As part of this, we integrate your requirements, from budget to performance values, through to sustainability practices – this ensures we achieve a successful result.

Our sustainability approach for cycling facilities is ensuring the pavement/profile is durable and can withstand the intended level of use. Ensuring longevity of the surface minimises maintenance and reconstruction activities.

The SPORTENG team considers the whole-of-life cycle and the use of recycled materials at every stage of design and construction. We make sure that a sustainable end-product starts at the beginning of design.


Group of BMX riders cycling within an industrial building on logs and wood planks

Outside of the design of the 3D geometry for a cycling facility, there are two key engineering principles that we incorporate, which include:

  • Providing a suitable and durable pavement means that cycling events can withstand high repetitive loads. Most cycling disciplines result in cyclist continually riding over the same spot and can cause pavement deterioration if the track isn’t properly designed and constructed. Due to the speed that the cyclist travel, the pavement needs to provide adequate stability to ensure the rider is confident to attach the track/course at high speeds and know that they’re safe to do so.
  • Ensuring the pavement drains effectively for outdoor cycling tracks makes the facility safe for cyclists to use. Additionally, repetitive wheel movements through surface water can result in rapid pavement deterioration.