Close up of a red athletic track being constructed with line markings in progress

The tender and construction phases of a project are equally important in delivering a Field of Play successfully. The tender phase requires our clients to liaise and negotiate with potential contractors, so that they can sign up their preferred contractor . After signing the construction contract, the contractor will undertake the required construction activities to deliver the design they tendered on.

The tender process for a project allows all stakeholders to expand on the details of the design intent. This ensures stakeholders can provide accurate pricing and select the best contractor to undertake the project. There is often strong dialogue with the tenderers during this process. This ensures that the tenderers understand the scope of works, and that they have the opportunity to put their best price forward.

Quality assurance is an important element of the construction phase. It’s crucial that an external third-party reviews hold point documentation and undertakes witness point inspections. This helps the external third-party ensure that the design intent is adhered to throughout the construction works.

SPORTENG’s tender and construction stage services are an extension of the support we offer to our clients across the entire project design and construction process. These supporting services provide our clients with the peace of mind that the selection process of the contractor and construction quality assurance processes align with the aims of their project.

We can help you respond to contractor questions about the design during the tender process and provide evaluation assistance when you need to select a contractor for the work to be undertaken. Once you’ve selected your contractor, we will attend the site throughout the project to look at the critical work items for quality control and adherence to the specification.

Tender and Construction Process

Sportsfield in construction, with dirt being proof rolled

During the tender phase, all tendering contractors must respond to the ‘Issue for Tender’ documentation the design consultant produces. This tender documentation should clearly define the scope of works required for the proposed facility development and contain drawings, technical specification and a bill of quantities.

At the cross-over between the tender and construction phases, the contractor is required to sign a contract to undertake the works. This contract can ensure the success of the project, allowing the client’s representative to control the delivery process of the contracted works.

The construction phase delivers on the client vision through the application of specific activities in compliance with the design documentation.

Tender and Construction Services

Machinery being drove on a construction site for a stadium sportsfield

Our tender and construction services provide the client with abundant project experience that mitigates or removes any risks for Field of Play projects. This process is well supported by the previous elements of design, especially the geotechnical and survey investigative works. This information allows us to discuss these risks early in the project so we can prevent them throughout the project execution.

Tender phase services

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With our years of experience and up-to-date construction costs, we can help with the initial tender evaluation process. During tender interviews with short-listed contractors, our representatives can make sure that the contractors are fully aware of the scope, any project risks, and what is required from them relating to quality assurance during construction. After completing the tender, we can produce an evaluation report to help you select the appropriate contractor for your Field of Play project.

Construction phase services

Aerial view of a tender construction for an outdoor acrylic court

At SPORTENG, we can support you during the construction phase of your project through construction phase monitoring or acting as the contract superintendent.

The construction phase monitoring role supports the client’s representative. In this role, our team can:

  • Respond to construction phase RFIs
  • Review hold point documentation
  • Attend nominated witness inspection points
  • Assist with reviewing contractor contractual submissions, such as progress claims and variations.

The contract superintendent role involves managing project contracts on behalf of the client. One of our senior team members undertakes this role to make sure the works from both sides of the contract are carried out in accordance with the contract specifics.

Our team can help with either of these roles, or both at the same time. With our representation during the construction phase, we can check that the construction works comply with the design documentation.


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