“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

When you’re proposing to develop or redevelop any recreation facility, a master plan should be one of the first things you consider.

3D design and plan of two natural turf oval field of play

No matter the scale of the proposed project, a well-developed master plan can guide future planning, investigation and design works. The master plan should explain the future structural use of the land, emphasising the connections throughout the site between the built form and surrounding natural environment.

Here at SPORTENG, we’ve developed many master plans for fields of play facilities. Our team are aware of the requirements for the users of these facilities, including athletes, spectators, passers-by’s and those responsible for maintenance.

When we develop any master plan for a site, we ensure the user groups requirements are met while promoting a positive impact for the surrounding environment.

Master Plan Process

3D design and aerial view of a sports field complex

Defining the vision for the facility is the first step in developing a master plan. The vision should be relevant, innovative and meet your needs now and in the future.

We will work with your team to determine the key drivers and goals for the facility, complete initial benchmarking of other similar fields of plays and facilitate stakeholder consultation sessions to understand your users’ needs.

The next stage involves working through and developing options for the site. This includes exploring opportunities, identifying and investigating available infrastructure, responding to feedback from user groups and researching current trends while keeping the future in mind. Depending on the scale of the development, we may consider he need for staging.

Should the site have known complexities, we might conduct a detailed site investigation to work through the known risks.

Our team will also produce probable cost estimates, which we develop to help determine whether the proposed options are financially practical.

Together, the master plan and probable cost estimates allow your team to plan for the next stage of your project and help with fundraising or budgeting.

Master Plan Services

Woman holding a pen and designing a plan on a white paper

A thoroughly developed and detailed master plan ensures your Field of Play vision can be delivered in the future.

Not only can our team help with the development of the master plan, but we can also:

  • Facilitate stakeholder consultation sessions
  • Produce opinion of probable cost for the proposed development
  • Develop 3D visualisations
  • Oversee site investigations to reduce project risks.
Hands holding a pen and a notepad and starting writing on a blank page

Stakeholder consultations

Here at SPORTENG, we can help facilitate your stakeholder consultations sessions. We are well-versed with relevant sport governing body requirements and can guide sporting clubs through what’s required for their Field of Play.

Opinion of probable cost estimates

Our cost library for fields of play is unbeatable. Our opinion of probable cost is extremely reliable when it comes to estimating the costs for your Field of Play development.


We can bring your project to life using 3D visualisation tools to produce detailed concepts that will support and strengthen your master plan.

Site investigations

Most fields of play are on sites with less than desirable conditions. The SPORTENG team can produce site investigation briefs. These briefs allow us to conduct a detailed investigations of your site, which can help determine the extent of risk the site might pose on future development.


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