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In a broad sense, agronomy is the application of science and technology from different scientific fields. These fields include biology, chemistry, economics, ecology, soil science, water science, pest management and genetics. Agronomy helps improve and manage major food crops of the world.

Turfgrass agronomy fits well into this definition. But the difference is that turf agronomy is about presenting turf surfaces that are fit for the sport and are safe for play.

You can learn about turfgrass agronomy and where it fits within sports field design on our blog. Play requires all aspects to work harmoniously and in balance. This is why we adopt a holistic approach to understand the Field of Play ecosystem, such as the type, level and volume of use.

Tailored agronomic and irrigation assessment can provide critical evidence-based information to support future management decisions.

SPORTENG’s experienced team of Field of Play consultants, civil engineers, turfgrass agronomists and irrigation specialists work together to deliver independent advice to support a healthy and thriving Field of Play.

We will provide independent and qualified reports, developed with industry leading equipment.

Our team will visit the site to collect samples and data to formulate recommendations that will guide the future management of the field. These tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Turf health and condition
  • Soil sampling
  • Traction ratings
  • Infiltration
  • Surface hardness
  • Insect and disease identification
  • Irrigation efficiency and water flow pressure.

We will provide you a report that summarises the evidenced-based data and recommendations to remedy any issues.

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Turfgrass Agronomy and Irrigation Services

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SPORTENG’s turfgrass agronomists and certified irrigation designers will meet with you to determine your needs of the investigation.

Understanding the nature of the issue is critical to informing the site investigation activities and recommendations.

For example, understanding that the goal is to support increased use requires assessing the current conditions and providing recommendations to achieve the goal for the future.

Our turfgrass agronomists and irrigation specialists can undertake numerous site assessments to provide recommendations to sustain good turf health and condition that will support sustained use.

Several key tasks can be involved in ensuring the health and condition of Fields of Play to support ongoing use.

One important aspect is measuring soil moisture, which provides valuable information about the availability of water for turf growth. Investigating existing soil conditions is another example of crucial task in sports surface management. The Clegg Hammer test is a common tool used to determine surface hardness. Additionally, inspecting the establishment of warm-season turfgrass, particularly in the early stages of root development, is essential for maintaining a healthy playing surface.

All of these tasks contribute to identifying the causes and solutions necessary to improve the health and condition of sports fields.


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