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A well-executed assessment of your Field of Play provides you with a detailed understanding of its condition and compliance. It can also improve playability and extend its design life.

A condition assessment of your Field of Play can include physical examination, testing or visual evaluation. The purpose of a Field of Play condition assessment is for one of the following reasons:

  • Agronomy assessment
  • Fit-for-purpose assessment
  • Compliance testing
  • Remaining service life
  • Irrigation efficiency.

We provide advice to councils, schools, sporting organisations and other facility owners on the condition and subsequent whole life value of their Field of Play.

We can determine how the surface is performing, how to get the most out of any Field of Play, what approach you should take to repair damages, the level of maintenance required and how to manage your Field of Play through to the end of life.

Condition Assessment Process

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We review all existing information relating to the initial construction and subsequent maintenance of your Field of Play. This baseline information helps the assessor know the likely condition at the time of initial construction and how it’s been maintained since.

Understanding the expected level of use for the Field of Play sets the basis for the condition assessment. The level of use includes frequency and performance, which can influence the condition that the Field of Play needs to be in to meet these requirements.

With this background information and client brief, our team can tailor a specific assessment to determine the condition of your Field of Play.

Condition Assessment Services

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Our team have years of experience assessing the condition of all fields of play surfaces. These surfaces include:

  • Natural turf, including hybrid and reinforced profiles
  • Synthetic grass
  • Acrylic
  • Running tracks.

In addition to the Field of Play surfaces, our experienced team of engineers, agronomists and irrigation designers can assess the condition of the following supporting infrastructure:

  • Profile/growing medium
  • Pavement
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Irrigation network
  • Perimeter infrastructure
  • Sports equipment
  • Player shelters.

Fit-for-purpose assessment

Our experienced team can complete a fit-for-purpose assessment of your Field of Play. This helps determine if it suitable for the intended level of use.

Compliance testing

We can conduct a compliance test for your Field of Play. This detailed assessment ensures that your Field of Play is compliant with the sports required performance criteria, which derives from the relevant governing sporting body.

Remaining service life

This type of assessment identifies the remaining service life of a Field of Play surface. Our team can develop a management plan and outline any associated costs to ensure the surface can obtain the maximum remaining life expectancy. In this assessment, we will address the scope of works and associated costs for renewal at the end-of-life.

Agronomy assessment

An agronomy assessment can be either a:

  • Proactive health check that ensures the turf is being properly maintained and used.
  • Reactive check that responds to an identified issue, such as poor turf health or loss of coverage.

Our agronomists can retrieve soil and tissue samples for testing, undertake performance testing of the turf surface and complete visual assessments to help determine the condition of your natural turf surface.

Irrigation assessment

A properly operating irrigation system uniformly and efficiently applies the irrigation water across the whole playing surface, which supports healthy turf growth. A poorly operating system can have a negative impact on your turf’s health. Our team can undertake a range of irrigation system audits, which include water balance, water quality and system efficiency. This helps us determine whether your system is supporting healthy turf growth.


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