Location :

Richmond, VIC

Client :

Arup | Department of Education and Training (VIC)

Year :


Sector :

Acrylic | Netball | Tennis

As part of the Victorian State governments $9.6M commitment to netball via the Inner-City Netball Program, the Department of Education funded the redevelopment of the schools three netball/tennis non-compliant courts.

Having completed the initial assessments of the courts, SPORTENG were engaged to complete the detailed design and documentation for the redevelopment of the courts to be Netball Australia and Tennis Australia compliant.

During construction phase, SPORTENG provided technical advice to ensure compliance with the construction documentation.


Not only were the existing courts non-compliant with the relevant sport governing body requirement (insufficient run-offs) the site was heavily constrained. Along the western edge of the courts was a retaining wall, while the eastern edge had an embankment falling away to the Yarra River.


The existing court pavement consisted of a concrete base which showed no signs of historical movement.


Therefore, to reduce the project risk of removing the existing slab and potentially exposing undesirable subgrade conditions, the design built on top of the existing concrete pavement with variable depth overlying crushed rock pavement to address the need to re-grade the surface.


Minor pavement extensions were constructed to extend the court pavement to the East to provide sufficient space to be compliant with both Netball Australia and Tennis Australia requirements.


With this brand-new Netball Australia and Tennis Australia compliant courts, Melbourne Girls College adds a real asset to its education facilities. It provides a safe place for students to be active while raising interests and attracting future students.
Fields of Play are fast becoming the jewel in the crown of education facilities. Investing in your sports fields means growth and staying ahead of the front contenders.



Three compliant mixed-use netball and tennis courts were delivered, with the vibrant court colours selected to match the school colours.
Through Joint Use Agreements, the facility is also used after hours by the community. This helps address the shortage of netball courts in the local area.