Civil Engineer sitting at his desk looking at his computer with a 3D drawing of a sportsfield on it

With all projects, good planning is key to success. This sets the framework for the establishment of all elements of the process, which ensures we meet the aims of the project. One of these key elements is the design stage. Here at SPORTENG, our team acknowledges that understanding our client's scope is essential to providing a great design.

The design stage commences after we clearly understand the existing site conditions. Information – such as level and feature survey, geotechnical investigation, and environmental impacts – form the foundations of our conceptual designs. Getting these important items ensures that the design elements can be undertaken with accuracy, and ensures that the budget for the project can be clearly established by understanding any significant potential site hazards.

SPORTENG’s design service starts by providing conceptual design options based off the pre-existing site conditions. This ensures we’re aligning the scope of works that our client seeks. Once all parties agree, the concept design stage commences with our drafters and engineers formulating a set of detailed plans, ensuring all elements of the construction process are documented. This helps the client to manage the tender or construction process with the appointed contractors, who have concise information.

Design Process

Close up of af civil engineering drawing of a sportsfield

Here at SPORTENG, our ability to consider and provide a range of design options lets our clients tailor the construction works to meet their needs. As we move through the design process, from the concept phase to the detailed design stage, we’re often tasked with undertaking the development of the works specification to align with the design plans. These combined documents provide all stake holders the opportunity to provide feedback and reduce the potential for unforeseen missed hazards when construction begins.

When we complete the design stage, we’re often commissioned to provide tender documentation. These plans are issued as ‘not for construction’ until all queries about the design plans and specifications are resolved. This helps us and our client make sure that we have reduced any cost blowouts once the construction process begins.

Design Services

Close up of a civil engineering drawing with markings of a sportsfield

At SPORTENG, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable and trusted design process, which encompasses:

  • Defining the scope of works
  • Establishing the existing site conditions
  • Initial conceptual design
  • Redefining the scope of works, if required
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Bill of quantities
  • Client acceptance.

Our process helps mitigate any hazards and risks identified, which assists in making the tender and construction process more efficient and effective.


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