Tractor maintenance running on a natural turf sportsfield oval in a stadium

A tailored maintenance plan is often overlooked, or underestimated, in the initial planning for a new or upgraded Field of Play. This plan guides the day-to-day activities of the Field of Play, which results in a fit-for-use surface year-round.

A poorly or incorrectly maintained Field of Play can cause ground closures, as the surface isn’t fit-for-use, can cause player injuries, increase maintenance costs and reduce design life.

Whether it is a natural turf or a synthetic Field of Play surface, our team have extensive experience in helping clients maintain their facilities to the highest standards.

Maintenance Advice Process

Close up on the machinery used on maintenance tractor to maintain synthetic turf

An appropriately specified maintenance plan addresses numerous elements for proper maintenance. These include:

  • The required surface performance requirements
  • The available maintenance budget
  • The condition of the Field of Play and its ability meet the performance requirements
  • The availability of maintenance equipment, materials and skilled resources for the required activities.

We provide maintenance advice in one of two scenarios:

  • Proactive advice involves producing a maintenance plan for a new or rejuvenated Field of Play to maintain the surface performance requirements.
  • Reactive advice is often in response to a Field of Play surface that has been poorly maintained. It consists of initial activities to get the surface to the required service level, and then the required ongoing maintenance activities to sustain the surface performance requirements.

Maintenance Advice Services

Natural turf

Close up of a technicien cleaning up turf maintenance tool for sports surfaces

Our turfgrass agronomists and irrigation consultants work closely to provide a complete maintenance plan for natural turf fields of play. They will develop and implement a turf management plan (TMP) for any natural turf Field of Play no matter the reason, such as for the initial establishment, annual requirements or damage from use. Our team can tailor a TMP for your natural turf surface to ensure it meets the surface performance requirements.

Synthetic surfaces

Close up of a maintenance machinery tool for sports surfaces

While synthetic surfaces require significantly less maintenance than natural turf, they all need ongoing upkeep. This ensures that they meet the requirements of the manufacturers warranties and achieve the intended design life duration. Our team are well-versed with all synthetic surfaces and can provide maintenance advice for your Field of Play.

Condition assessments

Hand holding a notepad and another hand holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper on this notepad

After our team has completed a condition assessment your Field of Play surface, they can recommend any required adjustments to your maintenance regime to ensure your surface is fit-for-purpose throughout the year.

Post-flood remediation works

Machine and technician proof rolling the natural turf on a stadium sports field

Unfortunately, low lying parts of Australia are susceptible to being inundated by flood water. These flood-prone areas often have fields of play within them due to low land value. All fields of play respond differently after a flood.

By working with our team, we can help address and recommend the appropriate remediation works to get the Field of Play back in use as quick as possible. There might be some adjustments to your maintenance regime to address the lingering effects of the flood water inundation.


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