Having a good irrigation design is crucial for a high-quality Field of Play. It helps maintain healthy and uniform turf, and is an important element for a turf manager. Turf managers apply irrigation to keep the grass alive, but they also use it to wash in fertilisers or chemicals and apply it to high-wear areas to accelerate turf repair.

Sprinklers going off on a natural turf sport field

A well-designed irrigation system uniformly applies the irrigation water across the whole playing surface.

There are different factors that make for an efficient Field of Play irrigation system. These include:

  • The evenness of water application across the surface and smart hydro-zoning to target high surface wear areas.
  • Advanced scheduling to apply the water as the turf requires it.
  • Sustainable energy outputs to minimise ongoing costs and the impact on the environment.

When we design your Field of Play, we consider irrigation and drainage systems together. Inefficient drainage and wet weather will have a negative impact on your sports field. Some common irrigation issues include compactions, uneven surfaces and a poorly drained field. This can lead to an increase in player injuries and fields of play becoming unplayable.

Scientists around the world agree that Australia will experience changes to its climate in the future. In southern Australia, for instance, extreme rain events will become more intense and there will be a decrease in soil moisture and future runoff.

Investing in a smart, tailor-made irrigation designs and systems are essential for optimal maintenance of your Field of Play in the future.

Irrigation Design Process

Close up of an irrigation sprinkler in action on a sportsfield

Our Australian certified irrigation design and water management consultants provide irrigation design solutions across a variety of fields of play.

At SPORTENG, our approach starts during the project’s initial planning and design phase. We go beyond the project’s delivery to consider the big picture and offer a long-term irrigation strategy and maintenance plans.

Our team will determine initial design parameters, preferred components and scheduling considerations to draw up a detailed irrigation design plan. This plan will sit harmoniously with other project designs, such as the Field of Play and civil engineering design.

Irrigation Design Services

Irrigation system types

Our irrigation designers are qualified to design different types of irrigation systems. These include:

  • Sports field irrigation systems
  • Golf irrigation systems
  • Commercial landscape systems
  • General water modelling and master planning.

Planning and investigation

Planning a site inspection is essential to the success of any sporting project. After a site inspection, we will provide you with an objective and independent information about the overall condition of the Field of Play.

A qualified irrigation designer should conduct this investigation.


Our irrigation designers work closely with our agronomists and civil engineers. This allows our irrigation designers to ensure the design of the irrigation complements the turf and profile design, and meets the clients brief for level of control. Irrigation application uniformity and efficiency is a critical element when they design an irrigation system. We optimise our designs through the rigorous assessment of the correct sprinkler nozzle and spacings.

Documentation and contract administration

We provide detailed documentation ready for tenders and experienced supervision on sport fields irrigation systems. This service includes:

  • Drawings revised to ‘issue for tender’, for inclusion in the documentation package.
  • Documentation identified through consultation with client representatives.
  • Detailed technical specification documents, including special clauses and requirements.
  • Pre-tender estimates.
  • Capital vs operation costs.
  • Performance optimisation.
  • Automatic control systems.

We also offer contract administration advice and assistance, which includes:

  • Reviewing, reporting and recommendations on tenders received.
  • Periodically inspecting works in progress to verify the contractor’s adherence to contract and specification requirements.
  • Preparation and issue variations as required throughout the contract period.
  • Attendance and inspection at practical completion phase of works.
  • Preparation and submission of a project’s practical completion report.
  • Attend, as required, for maintenance and/or defects during the defect’s liability period.


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