Woman showing turf to one man and one woman on a natural turf field of play with machinery in the background

Here at SPORTENG, our team brings together a diverse range of experienced Field of Play specialists, who can investigate the feasibility of your project from all aspects. These include:

  • Strategic need for the asset
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Business case development
  • Civil engineering and irrigation design
  • Construction and ongoing maintenance.

We conduct feasibility studies to provide you a sound basis for decision-making using the high-level, evidenced-based data we gathered across all facets of the project.

This is usually the first step in renewing or upgrading any Field of Play asset. Each study will provide you evidenced-based data combined with industry benchmarked high-level costings.

Beginning your project with a high level of confidence in the scope and cost will significantly reduce risk throughout the remaining life of the project.

Our Field of Play specialists, engineers, irrigation and agronomists will delve into all aspects of the project. These include:

  • The current and future use of your Field of Play
  • Environmental and agronomic conditions
  • Key stakeholder needs
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Options to achieve the objectives of the project.

Feasibility Studies Process

Worker with construction gear standing in front of a measuring tool on a natural turf sportsfield

From stadiums to schools and everything in between, SPORTENG’s team have extensive experience in developing feasibilities across artificial and natural fields of play.

We will work with you and any key stakeholders to understand your needs for the present and future, while also undertaking site assessments. This helps determine the field’s current conditions, which in turn influence how we can achieve the project’s objectives. This may result in the current soil conditions being tested and confirmed for re-use or repurpose.

Outcomes during the feasibility stage mean that decision-makers have more confidence in the level of investment required to deliver the assets. Doing so will support the use to define the scope of the project, and its cost. This helps minimise the risk of funding efforts being significantly.

Feasibility Studies Services

Close up of a measuring tool laying on natural turf surface

Our team can deliver mock-ups to demonstrate the master planning for a new or existing site with multiple fields. These mock-ups are applicable to any kind of Field of Play, such as natural and synthetic surfaces.


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