We use 3D rendered images to help our clients clearly visualise a design. It helps to communicate the depth and scale of a design through 3D perspectives, which can help to simplify a design concept.

Here at SPORTENG, we use 3D rendered images for Field of Play designs. This allows us to:

  • Help clients visualise the scale and functionality of the design clearly. It is an easy way to interpret visualisations of what the development will look like without having to read through complicated design drawings.
  • Let clients easily make changes to the layout early in the design process, amending the finished look of the development. This can save design time and money for the engineers and clients.
  • Show clients the development through the consultation process, giving them a clearer understanding.
  • Identify problems early in the design process.

Our 3D renders for your project can assist with your stakeholder consultations, but they can improve your chances of receiving funding for your project.

3D Visualisation Process

3D Visualisation of a blue and green netball court

Once the parties involved agree on the general layout for the site, our designers can develop a 3D rendered model for the project. We can bring your project to lift with 3D modelling software and programs and produce 3D perspective from nominated vantage points.

3D Visualisation Services

3D Visualisation of a carpark next to footpath

How a Field of Play sits within the surrounding environment can be easily understood through a 3D rendered image. By including elements such as pavilions, fencing and player shelters, it can provide depth and context to the facility. Our designers can apply our 3D visualisation services to all sports surfaces. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Natural turf and synthetic grass ovals and pitches
  • Tennis and netball courts
  • Cricket practice enclosures
  • Lawn bowls
  • Multi-use facilities


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