Location :

Caulfield South, VIC

Client :

City of Glen Eira

Year :


Sector :

Protective fencing | Baseball

Home for the Ormond Glenhuntly Hunters Baseball Club, EE Gunn Reserve consists of two baseball facilities; one a formalised diamond with skinned bases and pitchers mound, while the second diamond only consisted of a skinned home plate due to the diamond sharing with a cricket oval outfield. The main facility had recently had a new backstop fence constructed with players benches while the second diamond had a non-compliant backstop fence.

City of Glen Eira engaged SPORTENG to produce the documentation for the development of a Baseball Australia compliant backstop fence.


The second diamond overlapped with the outfield for a cricket oval. The new backstop fence had to ensure that it maximised the outfield for the cricket while also producing a compliant backstop and diamond for the baseball users.

In addition the location for the backstop fence had to ensure there were no clashes with existing in-ground infrastructure (i.e. irrigation main, etc.) and mature trees.


The backstop fence was designed and located to maximise the footprint of the cricket oval. A fly net was also included at the top of the backstop to prevent fly balls clearing the backstop and landing on the adjacent roadway.


The new backstop fence enables a higher level of use on the second diamond knowing that there will be no fly-balls landing on the adjacent roadway or residential properties.