Location :

Vermont, VIC

Client :

City of Whitehorse

Year :


Sector :

Natural Turf | Golf | Protective netting - Ball stop fences

Morack Public Golf Course, in Victoria, is an 18-hole course nestled within the heart of the Vermont neighbourhood. With housing and roads directly adjacent to the course there was a need to protect the community from errantly hit balls from the course, in particular from the tees of the 8th and 9th holes.


Large pine trees were located between the two holes that historically prevented stray balls from exiting the course. However, over time these trees have become less dense due to loss of foliage and subsequently became less of a natural barrier for stray balls. 


The integration of ball protection netting needed to not only prevent errant balls from leaving the course, but also seamlessly integrate with the tee areas and the adjacent established pine trees.


Working with Council, the height of the ball protection was determined with a 18m high protection net designed for the 8th hole.

A variable height net (maximum height 15m) to suit the terrain for the 9th hole was also designed.


Both nets successfully prevent stray golf balls from leaving the course while not impacting on the playing experience for the golfer.


Since its reopening to the public, the facility has encountered a huge positive welcome and great success among the local community. The feedback provided via Google Reviews shows this enthusiasm with a 4/5 grade with 321 reviews!


Here are some of them:

"It is a great golf course with extremely friendly employees."

Albino - 4/5


"Pretty sweet driving range. Probably the most convenient one in the south east area."

William Jiang - 4/5


"This is our home course. Staff are friendly and a good course to play with a good driving range."

Meet the Feka's - 5/5