Location :

Lismore, NSW

Client :

Lismore City Council

Year :


Sector :

Natural turf | Red porous | Baseball | Softball

The Albert Park Baseball Facility project involved the reconstruction of four (4) fields with three diamonds per field: a senior and two juniors. The other field was a standalone field for elite senior matches with adjacent grandstands.

The facility is home to baseball and softball in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and has hosted national and international events and training camps.


The site is located adjacent to the Wilsons River which results in flood water inundation across the site during large storm events. Therefore, the design for the playing surface could not decrease the flood storage across the whole site.


Additionally, the close proximity to the river requires the stormwater drainage pipework discharging into the waterway to be above normal water level.


The project budget was limited for the desired outcome which meant the design had to address these important elements, and look for value management outcomes which didn’t impact the functionality of the project.


To ensure the flood storage across the site was not impacted, the 3D design for the bulk earthworks resulted in a neutral cut-to-fill. This resulted in some locations requiring to be built up above existing levels to be compliant with baseball requirements and other areas lowered to counter the increase.


Rather than completely removing the topsoil and importing in new material, the design involved stripping and stockpiling the existing growing medium and replacing it post reshaping of the facility.


To meet the project budget, the design prioritised key elements such as the senior diamonds, backstop fencing and skinned bases.


The redeveloped facility successfully hosted a rain affected 2021 Australia Senior League Championship. The feedback from the attendees was that the new facility was fantastic and enhanced the reputation of the facility as one of the best in Australia.


“I can certainly see the vision for Albert Park Baseball Complex and what the facility upgrade would deliver. […] Having high-grade facilities to conduct our international player development programs is a priority for MLB and from what I have seen today, Albert Park has the foundations of a great facility and just needs investment.” MLB Executive Chris Haydock said.

Source: Lismore aims to be Australia’s “baseball hub”


“A world-class facility in Lismore would see Albert Park become Baseball Australia’s premier complex and place the city on the world stage as a baseball hub,” Lismore City Council Tourism and Events Manager Mitch Lowe said.

Source: Lismore aims to be Australia’s “baseball hub”