Location :

Moorabbin, VIC

Client :

City of Kingston

Year :


Sector :

Athletics | Athletics Tracks

SPORTENG were initially engaged to undertake a condition assessment and compliance check of the GR Bricker Reserve athletics track. The existing athletics track consisted of a deteriorated rubberised asphalt surface with a non-compliant World Athletics (WA) reverse gradient. There were other identified non-compliant WA elements such as high jump area, javelin runway and long/triple jump runways.

Council confirmed that they were accepting of the reverse cross-fall and the other non-compliant elements as the facility was more a training facility and not a senior competition venue.

Subsequently SPORTENG recommended and documented the scope of works to converted the rubberised asphalt track to a World Athletics certified synthetic surface with new underlying asphalt flexible pavement.


During construction the condition of the underlying subgrade was found to be less than favourable. The geotechnical investigation identified a free draining sand layer beneath the rubbersied asphalt but due to the permeability of the overall pavement and a wet winter prior to excavation works commencing, the subgrade had several soft areas once exposed. Exacerbating the issue was the layer identified as crushed rock in the geotechnical report had a high content of silt and fine material and less crushed rock as nominated in the bore logs.

Access onto and viewing along the front straight was limited due to a deep swale drain that ran adjacent to the straight. Council were keen to investigate solutions to improve the access and viewing for the facility.


To address the exposed unsuitable subgrade, localised soft areas were excavated and disposed off-site and replaced with engineered fill. The subgrade was then stabilised with lime to help improve the subgrade condition. A geofabric layer was also included with additional crushed rock for the new pavement.

To offset these costs we were able to remove from the original tender scope of works the GlassGrid asphalt reinforcement and material that was identified as Category C contaminated soil was tested and found to be clean and re-used on site.

The drainage swale that ran adjacent to the athletics track was filled in with engineered fill and a trafficable drainage trench grate installed.


In early 2018, the facility underwent a $1.5m redevelopment. The redevelopment enabled the Moorabbin Little Athletics Club to expand their membership.


Regarding funding allocated to this project, Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said: "In 2018, Council secured $3 million in funding from the State Government to develop new pavilion facilities at the reserve; Council has allocated a further $1.5 million to build this facility for the community, and we are excited to get started."

Source: Plans progress for pavilion upgrade at GR Bricker Reserve