Location :

Macquarie Park, NSW

Client :

Smart Connection Consultancy

Year :


Sector :

Synthetic Turf | AFL | Soccer

In 2023, Macquarie University embarked on a groundbreaking journey to redefine sports infrastructure through the creation of a state-of-the-art, all-weather synthetic sports field.

Collaborating initially with Smart Connection Consultancy and then with the successful contractor Turf One (supplying FieldTurf product), Macquarie envisioned a field that showcased innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

This visionary project aimed to set new benchmarks in sports facility design while championing environmental stewardship. 


Macquarie University faced several challenges in realising their vision for the synthetic sports field:

  • Environmental sustainability: the university sought a solution that minimised environmental impact while maximising performance.
  • Player safety: ensuring the safety of athletes was paramount, necessitating advanced shock absorption properties and temperature regulation.
  • Quality assurance: striving for excellence, Macquarie aimed to achieve FIFA Quality certification, demanding meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.


SPORTENG delivered tailored solutions to meet Macquarie University's requirements. The design consisted of a free draining base to provide an efficient drainage solution and in conjunction with the perimeter concrete upstand it provides an outcome that can readily mitigate from infill displacement.


The multi-line marked surface allows for a range of different soccer pitch sizes while also providing an AFL overlay. 


SPORTENG offered comprehensive support from the project's inception to its completion, ensuring a seamless integration of all components and achieving outstanding results. 


The collaboration between Macquarie University and SPORTENG produced remarkable results, with the synthetic sports facility achieving the prestigious FIFA Quality certification, indicating its exceptional quality and adherence to global standards. 


This certification underscores the top-notch playing surface enjoyed by athletes at Macquarie University, offering superior safety and performance. By utilising cork infill and advanced turf design, the facility ensures optimal playing conditions while minimising the risk of injuries. 


Moreover, Macquarie University's commitment to sustainability is evident through its acceptance of the SPORTENG proposed eco-friendly cork infill. The use of organic infill significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the Field of Play and removes the concern of microplastic displacement that occurs from other rubber infill options. Using cork infill positions the university as a leader in sustainable sports infrastructure, serving as a model for others to emulate in future projects while fostering environmental responsibility across the industry. 

Aerial view of a synthetic turf multi use field of play
Aerial view of a synthetic turf multi use field of play