Location :

Blackburn North, VIC

Client :

Greenline | Blackburn High School

Year :


Sector :

Acrylic | Synthetic turf | Badminton | Volleyball | Basketball | Netball

Working closely with Greenline, SPORTENG developed the detailed design and documentation for the proposed covered multi-use courts to be constructed at Blackburn High School. In addition to the acrylic courts, the project also consists of:

  • Concrete terraced viewing seats

  • Synthetic grass volleyball / badminton courts

  • Landscape synthetic grass

  • Covered structure


The site consists of uncontrolled fill which required remediation works to reduce the risk of potential settlement occurring.


There was significant level change across the site that needed to be addressed to ensure the courts could be constructed with a gradient no greater than 1%.


To avoid the risk of potential settlement occurring, the prepared subgrade was capped with a capping layer to improve the bridging over the existing subgrade material.


To address the level change across the site, concrete terracing was used to create two zones; upper-level synthetic grass badminton and volleyball area, while the lower area consisted of three (3) covered multi-use netball/basketball courts.


Due to post development flows exceeding pre-development flows, the facility also got new stormwater retention solutions to obtain its Building Application.


SPORTENG assisted with managing the contract on behalf of Greenline to ensure the works were undertaken in accordance with the design drawings and specifications.


With this brand-new multi-use sport courts, Blackburn High School adds a real asset to its education facilities. It provides a safe place for students to be active while raising interests and attracting future students.


Fields of Play are fast becoming the jewel in the crown of education facilities. Investing in your sports fields means growth and staying ahead of the front contenders.



This new sport facility is now part of the school’s landscaped grounds dedicated to sport, including tennis, basketball and netball courts, hockey, soccer and football fields, gymnastics equipment and a weights room.


Through this upgrade, the Blackburn High School continues to improve its renowned and innovative sports leadership program. The school now offers more than 50 different sports and the possibility for Year 10 students to train to become coaches.

outdoor blue acrylic court with a covered structure within a park
Kids playing basketball on an outdoor blue acrylic court
outdoor blue acrylic court with a covered structure within a park
 Students streaching on a synthetic turf field of play with a covered structure
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