Location :

Salisbury, SA

Client :

Polytan | City of Salisbury

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Sector :

Athletics | Athletics Tracks

Prior to the construction of the Bridgestone Athletics Track and Field facility in Salisbury, South Australia only had one World Athletic compliant rubber running track. All the other running tracks were either natural grass or standalone straights with a rubberised surface.

The existing athletics track at Bridgestone Reserve was a natural turf athletics track. Located within an existing reserve that also consisted of a natural turf pitch, the redeveloped athletics track and field facility was proposed for use by the expanding community of the northern suburbs of Adelaide.


The existing natural turf athletics track was located within a depression in the site which created an amphitheater environment. The footprint of the facility did not accommodate the field events such as jumps and throws, required to comply with World Athletics requirements.


In addition, the design for the existing drainage point of discharge for the rubberised athletics track would grade inwards to the infield, and was not at the desired depth to make connections easily.


Regrading parts of the surrounding grassed embankments and the inclusion of a low retaining wall allowed SPORTENG to increase the footprint of the field to allow a World Athletics compliant facility.


To reduce the overall width of the facility, long/triple jump facilities were included within the infield of the track.


The stormwater drainage network was designed to be as efficient as possible to ensure the drainage readily connected to the existing legal point of discharge.


Sustainability and environment impacts were also taken into consideration. The blue running track has 50 tonnes of recycled rubber in the surfacing system. This reflects the Bridgestone's local engagement to "[...] responsible end-of-life tyre management across its network of stores."

Source: Track to the future – Bridgestone Athletics Centre opens on former Bridgestone factory site



Bridgestone Athletics Centre is now the second World Athletics compliant facility in South Australia. This state-of-the-art multi-discipline facility sits in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and offers a brand-new, elite-standard 400 metre running track to its community.


"When Bridgestone returned this land to the City of Salisbury back in 2011, our vision was for it to be a vibrant space that benefited the community. To see the Bridgestone Athletics Centre come to life has far exceeded our expectations for Bridgestone Reserve," Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand Managing Director Stephen Roche said.

Source: Track to the future – Bridgestone Athletics Centre opens on former Bridgestone factory site


“We are thrilled to be opening the Bridgestone Athletics Centre, which will not only provide a much-needed new home for three local athletics clubs, but also benefit regional and state associations including northern schools,” City of Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM said. “I look forward to watching on as our local future athletics stars are empowered to achieve their dreams thanks to this fabulous new facility.”

Source: Bridgestone Athletics Centre to pave way for future Olympians


“The Marshall Government is proud to have invested almost $1.5 million towards the Bridgestone Athletics Centre, which will prove integral in supporting the future growth of athletics in South Australia,” Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, Corey Wingard said. “This project also ties in with our new Game On strategy which is all about making it easier and safer for people to exercise more often.”

Source: Bridgestone Athletics Centre to pave way for future Olympians