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Corio, VIC

Client :

City of Greater Geelong

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Athletics | Athletics tracks

Goldsworthy Reserve Athletics Track is Geelong’s second tier athletics venue which is primarily used by Little Athletics clubs for training, and hosting school athletics days.

In February 2017, SPORTENG undertook a condition assessment of the athletics facility and to assess its compliance with World Athletics requirements. There were some major non-compliant World Athletic elements, in particular the cross-fall across the track falling to the outside kerb rather than the inside.

SPORTENG completed two options for the tracks redevelopment; a fully compliant World Athletic option (which required major civil works to obtain the correct grades) and a fit-for-purpose option. The fit-for-purpose option was ultimately accepted by Council due to the current and future expect level of use as a training venue.

The fit-for-purpose scop of works included:

  • Resurfacing the whole track with a World Athletics compliant synthetic system.

  • Reconstruction of the long/triple jump runways.

  • Reconstruction of the javelin runway.

  • Expansion of the high-jump fan into a D.

  • New perimeter concrete kerbing.


During the removal of the deteriorated existing synthetic system it was identified that the assumed underlying asphalt layer was actually rubberised asphalt. Prior to the use of full rubber synthetic systems for athletics tracks, rubberised asphalt was commonly used as facilities looked for more permanent surface systems other than the natural grass and unbound granular porous tracks.

The condition of the exposed rubberised asphalt was less than desirable and began to break-down due to the combination of UV exposure and construction traffic.


It was not going to be feasible to mill back the top 25mm of the rubberised asphalt layer and then pave a new asphalt wearing layer over the remaining material as per the original scope of works. Subsequently it was decided that the whole rubberised asphalt layer would be removed and a new single layer of asphalt would be paved over the exposed pavement base layers.

Typically, for level control, a dual layer of asphalt is required. The base layer is paved and then a wearing layer is paved on the base layer with this layer achieving the tight tolerance requirements. However as Goldsworthy Reserve was identified as a tier 2 facility for the City of Greater Geelong the contractors believed they could achieve the tight tolerances with a single layer and Council were accepting that some areas may be slightly out of tolerance.


Officially reopened on the 5th October 2021 by Mayor Bruce Harwood, the facility now boasts innovative in-ground technology SmarTrack system. The system consists of magnetic timing gates incorporated into the pavement which allows athletes and coaches to accurately time splits across the track at predefined locations.

“This is another important investment by the council towards improved community facilities for our northern suburbs. We know high quality recreational facilities help encourage physical activity, in turn creating huge health and wellbeing benefits.

Given Little Athletics was invented in Geelong in 1964 by Trevor Billingham, it’s appropriate that we continue to support athletics strongly. We hope little athletes will enjoy the new track and that it will help them develop a lifelong love of the sport.” Mayor Bruce Harwood.