Location :

Wahroonga, New South Wales

Client :

Knox Grammar School

Year :


Sector :

Synthetic Surface | Tennis

Knox Grammar School, established in 1924, has a rich history as a leading educational institution in New South Wales. With a student body of approximately 3,000 across various campuses, Knox Grammar School is committed to fostering both academic and athletic excellence.

To further enhance its facilities, Knox Grammar School entrusted SPORTENG with the detailed design of the Borambil Tennis Centre and car park extension.


The project presented several unique challenges. The design of the Borambil Tennis Centre needed detailed planning to create 3D schematic geometric design options for the courts, manage level changes, and ensure compliance with disability access (DDA) standards. Additionally, the design had to incorporate effective stormwater management and spectator viewing areas.


Coordination with various stakeholders was crucial, requiring SPORTENG to work closely with project landscape architects to determine potential landscape treatment options, provide input into visualisations, and liaise with the stormwater drainage authority to identify potential issues early on.


On the other hand, the car park extension required planning and designing the addition of 83 spaces to the existing underground car park.


SPORTENG approached these challenges with a strategic and collaborative mindset. The Borambil Tennis Centre design included the creation of 3D schematic geometric design options that addressed level changes and minimised the need for retaining walls. SPORTENG's design also ensured pedestrian paths were accessible and DDA compliant. Comprehensive stormwater management plans were integrated to maintain the site's functionality and safety.


SPORTENG's team worked closely with landscape architects to explore potential landscape treatments and contribute to visualisations. Early and proactive communication with the stormwater drainage authority helped identify and mitigate potential issues, ensuring a smooth project progression.


For the car park extension, SPORTENG conducted a thorough analysis of the existing structure and pavement options. The team developed detailed schematic designs that considered various interfacing options to ensure a cohesive extension.


The collaborative and meticulous efforts of SPORTENG yielded exceptional results. The Borambil Tennis Centre now features optimally designed courts that cater to the needs of both players and spectators, with effective stormwater management and DDA compliance ensuring long-term functionality and inclusivity.

The car park extension successfully added 83 new spaces, seamlessly integrating with the existing structure and enhancing overall campus accessibility.

Knox Grammar School_Small


Knox Grammar School's commitment to providing top-tier facilities for their students was brought to life through the successful partnership with SPORTENG. The detailed design of the Borambil Tennis Centre and the car park extension stands as a testament to SPORTENG's expertise and dedication to excellence in sports infrastructure design.


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