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Melton, VIC

Client :

Melton City Council

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Sector :

Synthetic Turf | Lawn-bowls

The Diggers Rest Bowling Club bowling green was constructed in early 2000s. Due to the reactive nature of the underlying clays and insufficient subgrade remediation works, the bowling green had been subjected to ground movement which had subsequently resulted in the facility becoming unusable due to surface undulations impacting the roll of the bowls.


SPORTENG were engaged to complete the detailed design and documentation for the redevelopment of the seven-rink bowling green, as well as Construction Phase Consulting Services.


Not only was the subgrade material highly reactive, but the material also consisted of uncontrolled fill and rock floaters.


What is a rink?

The bowling green is divided into sections called rinks; each rink allows one game to take place concurrently. The green is usually divided into six rinks; however, this number can be adjusted according to needs and demands of players. In any case, each rink is numbered in order, for an easier playability.


In consultation with the project geotechnical engineer, it was determined that a deep excavation was required to remove the reactive subgrade material. Imported non-reactive engineered fill was placed in layers not exceeding 200mm and compacted appropriately. An impermeable membrane was also included to further ensure no moisture change can occur to the underlying reactive subgrade material. Both the imported material and membrane were extended beyond the footprint of the green.


New precast concrete ditches and associated drainage were also included. The bowling green consists of a needle punch synthetic surface which was installed over a free draining gravel pavement. Subsurface drainage was installed to drain the free draining gravel pavement.


Since reconstruction there has been no issue with surface movement. Subsequently, the lawn bowls facility continues to be a central part of the Melton community, where people gather to share drinks and meals while enjoying a game of lawn bowls. 


“Great place to play bowls and have a drink” – Dallas Halemba

Source: Google Review – Melton Bowls Club


Diggers Rest Bowling Club now provide one-on-one coaching, Social Bowls, Barefoot Bowls, Midweek and Weekend Pennant as well as Hall Hire. The club were also proud to send one of their players, Lisa Trewarne, to the Women’s Pairs Final at the Bowls Victoria State Champions Week in January 2021.