Location :

Cranbourne West, VIC

Client :

Mode Design | Bayside City Council

Year :


Sector :

Synthetic surface | Natural Turf | Rugby League | Soccer

In collaboration with Mode Design and Bayside City Council, SPORTENG undertook a comprehensive civil engineering project to revamp Barton Park, a sports facility in Bayside City.

The project aimed to create a premier venue accommodating multiple sports, including soccer fields, tennis courts, and multi-use areas for community engagement.

The challenge lay in transforming the existing, substandard facility into a top-notch sports precinct suitable for Women's A league competitions and state leagues.


The Barton Park project posed multifaceted challenges for SPORTENG, requiring innovative solutions and meticulous planning. The site, once an old landfill, presented significant settlement issues, demanding precision in constructing sports fields within tight tolerances. Furthermore, gas buildup from the landfill required strategic coordination for drainage, gas outlets, irrigation, and lighting to coexist on the fields.


Navigating environmental constraints proved complex, with protected mangrove areas and a riverbank introducing hurdles in drainage design. The need for DDA accessibility and the desire to maintain pedestrian-friendly areas along the riverbank added intricacies, necessitating the construction of tall retaining walls.


Contamination concerns and flood risks discouraged excavation, compelling SPORTENG to design solutions that raised the entire area above the landfill. Negotiating around existing infrastructure, including a large pipe spanning the site and high voltage lines, posed additional challenges. The drainage design required careful consideration of depth restrictions and the presence of an environmental zone, limiting options for discharge points.


Despite these complexities, SPORTENG was tasked with creating a top-tier sports facility without compromising on functionality or aesthetic appeal. The need to find solutions for each challenge within the constraints of the site and regulatory requirements demanded a high level of expertise and coordination.


In response to the diverse challenges encountered at Barton Park, SPORTENG implemented a range of innovative solutions to ensure the successful transformation of the sports facility.


To address gas buildup from the landfill, SPORTENG incorporated permeable bottom layers for pavements, allowing the safe passage of gas. The design of grated lids on drainage pits facilitated gas movement while minimizing visual impact across the site.

In tackling settlement issues, the geotechnical team executed impact rolling on the field and implemented a capping layer to mitigate settlement concerns effectively.


For drainage and environmental challenges, SPORTENG elevated outlets to improve drainage above sea level, redirecting pipework to avoid environmentally sensitive mangroves. The inclusion of bioretention areas around the car park enhanced water quality before discharge into the river.

Using box culverts underneath roads allowed for more flexibility in managing depth restrictions for pipes, providing an effective solution for infrastructure obstacles. Redesigned accessways were implemented to preserve significant mangrove trees, demonstrating an adaptive approach to environmental constraints.


In collaboration with architects and the council, SPORTENG worked on minimising the visual impact of certain elements, such as whirlybird outlets, by strategically placing them along fence lines and in garden bed areas.


These comprehensive solutions showcase SPORTENG's ability to navigate complex engineering challenges, ensuring the Barton Park project not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and environmental considerations.


The transformed sports facility at Barton Park now boasts the capability to host A-League competitions, featuring a premier NPL-standard field. Community fields, including one designed for junior soccer, cater to a diverse range of sports. Additional features such as tennis courts, multi-use courts, a walking track, play gym area, and a cycleway enhance the facility's appeal for families and local residents.


The elevated platform and serpentine walkway connect various areas, providing a multi-use way that doubles as an elevated bridge. Informal running tracks with fitness pit stops offer a unique experience for fitness enthusiasts.

Oval Field of Play
Natural turf Field of Play with grandstands
Acrylic blue courts
Acrylic blue courts