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Perth, WA

Client :

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

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Natural Turf | Synthetic Turf | Soccer

SPORTENG are proud to have provided feasibility, detailed design and documentation and construction phase services for two hybrid international standard soccer pitches and three 5-a-side synthetic pitches at the Sam Kerr Football Centre in Perth, WA.

This top-notch facility at Queen's Park Open Space in the City of Canning was funded by both the State and Australian governments. Through the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries (DLGSC), the State contributed $34.55 million, while the Australian Government contributed $16.25 million. The 16-hectare site boasts two full-size elite pitches, three five-a-side playing pitches, seating for around 700 spectators, change room facilities, office and meeting spaces, and parking.

Designed to meet international standards, the centre served as a training ground for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023TM, hosting teams from Denmark, Canada, Panama, Haiti, and Morocco.

For the occasion, the State Football Centre has been renamed the Sam Kerr Football Centre in tribute to the local soccer superstar. This change was announced during a community football festival, which also marked the centre's official opening.

Source: Sam Kerr Football Centre | DLGSC


In the early planning stages for the project, SPORTENG were part of a Think Tank that focused on sustainable led design practices for the construction of the Centre.


A SPORTENG solution was to test the existing natural sands on site to see if they were suitable for harvest to be used as the growing medium for the turf. This testing confirmed the high quality of the local sands, which were sieved, cleaned, and used on-site. These site-won sands reduced the need for both the disposal of materials from the site and the demand for sand to be harvested from elsewhere while reducing transport-related impacts and overall costs for the project.


The first use of the Sam Kerr Football Centre was as a FIFA World Cup training venue – a deadline that couldn’t be moved!

SPORTENG worked closely with the client and the contractor to ensure that this event's turf coverage would be well established. Unfortunately, construction programming issues pushed the establishment of the turf into the winter season. The couch grass initially specified (a warm-season grass) had moved into dormancy at the time of planting and was not suitably established for the purpose.


The SPORTENG Agromony team worked with the contractor to oversee ryegrass (a cooler-season turf) to supplement growth and fill in any gaps on the playing surface. This solution ensured that the pitch's turf was established and resilient in time to welcome international teams.


SPORTENG collaborated with key stakeholders on this exciting project from conception to completion.

The community attention that the FIFA 2024 World Cup generated here in Australia and around the world was exciting to be part of.

The SPORTENG team is especially proud to have been involved in the Sam Kerr Football Centre at this exciting time in Australian sporting history.

Synthetic turf soccer field of play
Soccer players on synthetic turf field of play
Soccer players on synthetic turf field of play
Natural soccer field with sport facility in the background
Natural soccer field with sport facility in the background
Natural soccer field with sport facility in the background
Soccer field with grandstand in the background
Soccer field with grandstand in the background
Soccer grandstand
Soccer field with grandstand in the background


This world-class soccer facility is a great asset to football players in Western Australia, and it’s fantastic to see such high-calibre training facilities and playing fields to support grassroots, community and high-performance football programs.


About the centre being named after Matildas Captain Sam Kerr, Premier Roger Cook said: "Sam Kerr is a global football superstar and truly a sporting icon – she's an incredible role model for Western Australians, and I can't think of a better name for our new home of grassroots football and high performance." 
Present during the official opening ceremony of the centre, Captain Sam Kerr added: "As a proud West Australian, I am incredibly privileged to have this amazing State Football Centre named after me. 
It fills me with pride to think that football in WA is growing so rapidly in popularity and that children, at a grassroots level, as well as world-class sporting teams, will be able to access these impressive facilities."


Source: WA State Football Centre renamed to inspire the next Sam Kerr