Our playbooks

We have designed Field of Play playbooks to help you understand and manage all kind of surfaces, and make the right calls for your projects.

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Elite to casual tennis players of the community require access to quality and accessible facilities.

When developing (or redeveloping) a tennis court/s, there is a choice to be made around which type/s of court surface systems will be installed. 

This Playbook helps you choose between the most popular options for your tennis court surface. Use the button below to download your free copy! 



Clients tell us that it's hard to choose between sports surface options. 

We've created this playbook that summarise the different options and their benefits. 



How to manage microplastics in your Field of Play design? 

Our new Surface Profile playbook will help you understand and minimise microplastics displacement for all synthetic turf designs. 




This chart will help you decide which turf profile is best compared to soil quality and weekly hours of use.



Are you project ready? 

Download our Field of Play Fundamentals checklist to test your knowledge, and uncovers gaps you may still have.