Location :

Melbourne, VIC

Client :

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Year :


Sector :

Natural Turf | AFL | Cricket | Cricket enclosures

Ivanhoe Grammar School is located within a residential area and as such parking and school drop-off/pick-up is limited. To alleviate this issue the school decided to construct a below-ground carpark beneath the existing natural turf oval.


The proposed Field of Play was required to be partially located directly above the carpark (think Marvel Stadium) and partially over the existing subgrade.


One of the key critical risk items to address was the potential differential settlement between the Field of Play located above the carpark and that on existing subgrade material.


SPORTENG initially provided the dead and live loads to the project structural engineer for the oval and associated maintenance equipment. The turf wicket was to be located above the structure so dead and live loads for this would be higher than the natural turf outfield.


The structure was located under approximately half of the turf playing field. Subsequently, the design for the drainage and irrigation had to be different for that above the structure than that on the subgrade. Above the carpark structure, the drainage and irrigation were located with a thick drainage gravel layer. Flat-panel subsoil drainage was laid across the sloped roof of the carpark. The irrigation design across the carpark structure was designed to minimise the crossing of the subsurface pipework.


A key design interface was between the playing surface constructed above the carpark structure, and that constructed on the subgrade. To avoid potential subsidence at this interface SPORTENG worked with the structural engineer to develop a solution that prevents subsurface build-up behind the carpark wall, while also preventing potential differential subsidence.


By developing this natural turf field above their underground carpark, the Ivanhoe Grammar School adds a real asset to its education facilities. It provides a safe place for students to be active.


Fields of Play are fast becoming the jewel in the crown of education facilities. Investing in your sports fields means growth and staying ahead of the front contenders. Watch our video below to learn more 👇



The final constructed oval at first glance looks the same as the original oval, before the works commenced, only now a carpark is located beneath half the Field of Play.


The Field of Play consists of an elite standard perched water table which will improve the performance of the profile and assist with maintaining a high-quality surface year-round.


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