Location :

Frankston, VIC

Client :

Monash University

Year :


Sector :

Synthetic Turf | Hockey

The Monash University hockey pitch, located at the Peninsula campus, is home for hockey on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula region. Several local clubs use the facility for training and competitions meaning usage is high throughout the year.

As a result of the high level of usage the synthetic surface had deteriorated and there were ripples/ridges in the surface due to movement from the underlying prefabricated shockpad.

Based on the condition of the existing surface and underlying shockpad, the University were requesting a full resurface with a FIH National Hockey Turf (hybrid) synthetic system including an in-situ shockpad layer.


When removing an old synthetic grass system, the condition of the underlying pavement and asphalt is unknown. The condition of the asphalt can only be investigated once the whole system has been removed.

The University was also keen to investigate options to re-purpose the old system in the adjacent areas to be used for warm-up spaces.


To account for the need for some potential asphalt remedial works post removal of the synthetic system, a provisional sum was included in the contract documents for these works. Thankfully, post removal of the system there was only some minor works required as the prefabricated shockpad was loose laid over the asphalt surface.

The better quality of the existing synthetic grass was carefully rolled back and, along with the shockpad, was used to create a warm-up area adjacent to the pitch which also doubles for viewing area.


The resurfaced facility was successfully completed on program and on budget and obtained the desired FIH certification. All the clubs using the facility have appreciated the assured ball roll, bounce and traction underfoot.