Location :

Endeavour Hills, VIC

Client :

City of Casey

Year :


Sector :

Synthetic grass | Soccer

The City of Casey and the Department of Education agreed to a Joint Use Agreement for the proposed soccer pitch to be built at Gleneagles Secondary College. The school is located directly adjacent to Reema Reserve which is home to the Endeavour United Soccer Club.

The development of the FIFA certified pitch on the school grounds would provide the school with a high-quality asset that would be utilised during the day, while outside school hours, and weekends the facility would be used by the community.

The inclusion of sports lighting enabled the pitch to be used in the evening and provided greater level of access and usage to the facility.


Site topography dictated that the pitch would have to be orientated in an east-west layout and located at the bottom of the school site. Most of the school’s overland flow path was directed towards the proposed location which meant in a large storm event, if unprotected, it would be inundated and likely scour the surface due to the gradient of the upstream terrain.


Council requested that the synthetic grass system and underlying pavement be a Design and Construct element to provide some flexibility to the tenderers.


To protect the pitch from overland flow, a bund was appropriately sized to redirect the overland flow around the pitch. The bund was located at the top of the sloped cut area formed to accommodate the pitch. The inclusion of the bund, rather than a swale drain, helped to reduce the volume of cut generated from the project and provided a greater level of protection to the pitch surface. Additionally, a spoon drain was located at the base of the sloped area to capture localised run-off.

Due to the terrain of the site a detailed bulk earthworks model was created to provide a greater level of understanding for the earthwork volumes. However, as the pitch pavement was a Design and Construct element, the earthworks for the pitch were taken to finish surface level. This would allow the tendering contractors to easily calculate the additional cut required by multiplying the pavement depth by the pitch dimensions.

Connectivity between the school and the adjacent reserve was created via a concrete footpath linking the two sites.


The school have greatly benefited from having a fully compliant FIFA certified synthetic grass soccer pitch. The previous natural turf pitch was undersized and constantly holding water. The new synthetic pitch is an all-weather surface which means the students can access the pitch even when it is raining.

The soccer club have equally benefited from the new pitch as they continue to grow participation.


Gleneagles principal Sue Peddlesden said "We’re confident this turf will be able to withstand the use in the school day, after hours and on weekends for the next 10-15 years."

Casey councillor Rosalie Crestani said "My understanding is we need to provide more facilities to give the clubs in the area that extra training turf and playing field. [Soccer] is such a big, growing sport that we need to support it. It might outgrow AFL one day!"


Source: All-weather soccer for locals